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  • No Room, No Board

    Thousands of U.S. college students are homeless or housing insecure. How can schools and communities support them?

    Jessica McCormick was a homeless college student. She escaped an abusive home and spent her last two years of high school living in a youth shelter. With the help of scholarships, grants, loans and part-time jobs she enrolled at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But her needs exceeded those of most students. She had nowhere to live during school...   Read More

  • Start Your (Electric) Engines

    Have you looked at electric cars lately? Whether it’s a Tesla, a Chevy, a Hyundai or an Audi, the reasons for going electric are compelling.

    So you didn’t get on the list for the Tesla Model 3? Too much hype? Too long a wait? Too worried about range, charging, price, maintenance, performance or manufacturing snafus? Don’t worry. Your options for buying an electric car are multiplying. Here’s what you need to know. Electric vehicles are to U.S. automobile sales as a windshield wiper is to...   Read More

  • Make Dirt, Not Methane

    Why are we spending tax dollars and garbage collection fees turning food waste into climate-changing methane gas?

    Consider the potential of an apple peel. Toss it in the garbage, and you will pay (by tax or fee) someone to cart it many miles in a carbon dioxide emitting truck to dump it in a landfill where it will produce methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Feed that peel to your garbage disposal,...   Read More

  • Calling The Shots

    Can targeted texts and mindfulness training reduce high-intensity drinking on college campuses?

    Back then, there was the kegger. Now, there is the pregame. Back then, we “ralphed.” Now, they “blackout.” Ah, the good old days. Excessive drinking among restless youth has always given adults cause for concern. What’s changed is its intensity. From “slapping the bag” to “butt chugging” and from “shotgunning” to “beer funneling,” many of today’s collegians are laser-focused on...   Read More