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  • Do You Need a Measles Revax?

    If you were born in the 1960s, are traveling internationally or don’t have documentation of your measles vaccinations, it’s time for a doctor’s visit.

    It was an unscientific study, but one with startling results. Six people born and vaccinated against measles in the 1960s recently had blood tests for measles immunity. Only one was immune. Five others needed to be revaccinated. One of them was this writer. (Thank you to the friend who tipped her off!) Have you checked your own immunity? Not all...   Read More

  • Brain Teasers

    Experimental Alzheimer’s drugs targeting brain plaque keep failing. Prevention may be the new cure for dementia.

    Drugs targeting amyloid brain plaque accumulation were heralded as the silver bullet cure for Alzheimer’s disease. No more. Clinical trial after clinical trial has failed. The latest flop is aducanumab. After encouraging preclinical results on patients with mild Alzheimer’s, Biogen and Japanese partner Eisai poured millions of dollars into clinical trials of the compound. Then, disappointment. Aducanumab wasn’t outperforming a...   Read More

  • Recycling 101

    Are your efforts to save the planet contaminating it instead?

    Twenty-five percent of what is put in the recycling bin is not recyclable. Are you guilty of contamination? Read how you can be a better recycler.   Read More

  • Is Your Tax Return Safe?

    Identity thieves collect billions of dollars in refunds every year. How can you protect yourself?

    Ashish, a 42-year-old information technology professional, opened his mail this February to discover a prepaid debit card with a $1,000 advance on a tax refund for the year 2018. Funny thing was, Ashish hadn’t filed his taxes yet. Turns out an identity thief had. Someone had nabbed Ashish’s 2017 return and refiled it as a 2018 return with the online...   Read More