• Red Flag Laws Save Lives

    School gunman Nikolas Cruz exhibited plenty of warning signals from aggressive behavior to shooting animals, from posting on social media about plans to be a professional school shooter to chronic disciplinary problems at school.  He...   Read More

  • The Case for Educating Inmates

    At 1.51 million the population of America’s federal and state prisons is greater than that of 11 U.S. states.  (Include jails and the number of inmates rises to 2.2 million.) Imagine every resident of New...   Read More

  • Improving H-2A/B Temporary Work Visas

    Surprise. In one area, what’s good for Donald Trump might be good for you and the economy too. President Trump’s businesses have employed over 1,000 H-2A/B visa holders since 2000. H-2B, non-agricultural, and H-2A, agricultural...   Read More