• Save Birds, Save Ourselves

    It’s the year of the president, playboy bunnies and porn stars. If you think such news is for the birds, consider this: 2018 IS the Year of the Bird. Really. This year marks the 100th...   Read More

  • The High Costs of Cash Bail

    In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, as long as you have the money for bail.  Whether your alleged infraction is turnstile-jumping or sexual assault makes little difference. What matters is your ability to...   Read More

  • Mental Health in Schools

    Leave your gun in its holster. It’s time to reframe the discussion on mental health and school safety that began after the shooting of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Leaders have been...   Read More

  • Unmuzzle Gun Safety Research

    There are approximately 33,000 firearm deaths each year and 33,000 motor vehicle accident deaths. An estimated $2 million is spent annually on federal research for studying gun violence deaths while an estimated $33 million is...   Read More

  • The Scoop on Sanctuary Cities

    Is there really sanctuary in a sanctuary city? For whom? And what is a sanctuary city, anyway? There is no single definition, but in general it is understood to be a jurisdiction that limits cooperation...   Read More