• Long-Term Care: You’re On Your Own

    Aging baby boomers are rocking family finances and shocking the healthcare system with unanticipated long-term care expenses that leave them and our government burdened by the financial realities of elder care. Current federal proposals to...   Read More

  • You’re Being Followed

    Over Thanksgiving and winter school breaks of 2015, applicants to the Berklee College of Music who hadn’t yet finished their applications started seeing reminder ads from Berklee in their Facebook news feeds. At the same...   Read More

  • Squeezing Public Schools

    Maintaining a high-quality public education system, particularly in the face of increasing global competition, is one important function of government. In the U.S. 90% of all K-12 pupils are educated in public schools. However, new...   Read More

  • No Free Rides

    In its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave American roads a grade of D. Not that we really needed to be told. We’re spending an average $516 a year...   Read More