• Brain Teasers

    Drugs targeting amyloid brain plaque accumulation were heralded as the silver bullet cure for Alzheimer’s disease. No more. Clinical trial after clinical trial has failed. The latest flop is aducanumab. After encouraging preclinical results on...   Read More

  • Recycling 101

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  • Is Your Tax Return Safe?

    Ashish, a 42-year-old information technology professional, opened his mail this February to discover a prepaid debit card with a $1,000 advance on a tax refund for the year 2018. Funny thing was, Ashish hadn’t filed...   Read More

  • Overdressed

    Is fast fashion sustainable or a fashion emergency. It is time for fast fashion to slow down. It fills up landfills, causes pollution and increases carbon emissions. Read about solutions here.   Read More