• Calling The Shots

    Back then, there was the kegger. Now, there is the pregame. Back then, we “ralphed.” Now, they “blackout.” Ah, the good old days. Excessive drinking among restless youth has always given adults cause for concern....   Read More

  • Your Epidermis Is Showing

    Labor Day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to stash your sunblock with your beach towels. Skin cancer rates are rocketing, and sun protection is more important than ever. More than 3...   Read More

  • Tax the Juul

    Buy a pack of Marlboros in New York City, and you will pay $5.85 in cigarette taxes. Buy a Juul e-cigarette device and liquid nicotine pod, and you won’t be taxed a penny. The total...   Read More

  • Protecting Young Athletes

    Cross country runner Jaci Teahon, a high school junior from Nebraska, took a month to recover. Johnny Tolbert, a 12-year-old from Georgia, wasn’t so lucky; he suffered permanent brain damage. James Wooden of Barnwell, SC,...   Read More

  • Bear Necessities

    It used to be a novelty to see a bear outside of the zoo. Now, not so much. You’ve got to have a bear in your backyard taking a jacuzzi and lapping up a margarita...   Read More

  • Food Fight

    There’s going to be a food fight in Congress this month. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is up for renewal, and Republicans and Democrats in the House have opposing...   Read More

  • Achieve More, Stress Less with Meditation

    Juice cleanses, so last year!  High intensity interval training, it hurts!  The magic bullet?  For those wanting to achieve more and stress less, it may be meditation. While just 9.9% of Americans meditate (up from...   Read More

  • How to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

    Americans know they can save money on prescriptions by buying generic drugs. On a recent day in New York City, one could pick up 30 pills of Lipitor for $413 at the local pharmacy or...   Read More

  • Cuts to Title X funding may encourage women to “Just Say No, To Sex?!”

    Ninety percent of us have sex before we marry, and the average age we start getting frisky is 17.  Women spend about 30 years trying not to get pregnant.  No wonder then that more than...   Read More