We aim to provide facts, figures and context to help our readers make informed decisions and score points in their weekend policy debates.

Each Friday we produce a concise, non-partisan email newsletter focusing on one issue of public interest with a brief article centered on five significant numbers. Our five-figure format aims to arm our readers with the essential facts and figures necessary to become smarter voters, discerning consumers and confident weekend debaters.

Our motto Get Fact-Up! says it all.


As two women who were raised in the Midwest and came of age in Manhattan, our circle of friends and family votes right, left and center. Their perspectives can be as different as corn and quinoa. Yet (aside from a crazy cousin or two), they are rational people. Unfortunately, it seemed to us, news sources were not providing the facts and context our friends and family needed in order to understand one another and locate a middle ground of agreement on important issues. Hoping to build that fact-based middle ground, we created Five Figure News. Our concise, non-partisan weekly newsletter and website aim to educate, not indoctrinate. We want to help our readers become smarter voters, more discerning consumers and more informed weekend debaters. Our motto Get Fact-Up! is our purpose and our promise to you.

Suzanne Oliver worked in financial journalism for 13 years including as a senior editor at Forbes Magazine and managing editor of Smartmoney.com. She is also co-author of the book The Faith Club.

Lorie Torpey is a creative marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience working for brands, publishers, agencies and media companies. She started her career as a magazine editor.

“Everyone is entitled to his/[her] own opinion, but not his/[her] own facts.”Daniel Patrick Moynihan