• Save Birds, Save Ourselves

    It’s the year of the president, playboy bunnies and porn stars. If you think such news is for the birds, consider this: 2018 IS the Year of the Bird. Really. This year marks the 100th...   Read More

  • Are Plastic Bags Evil?

    Paper or Plastic? It may not be the weightiest ethical question of our time, but it’s one you are likely asked each day. You glance at your options –  an earth-colored, plant-derived paper sack or...   Read More

  • The Carbon Tax Solution

    No amount of light bulb swapping or bicycle commuting would do as much to protect us from the worst impacts of climate change as a carbon tax would.  The tax would value the future damage...   Read More

  • The Dollars and Sense of Solar

    Want to join the climate movement and save money at the same time? Consider going solar. Over the past seven years prices to install solar have dropped more than 70%, and residential solar installations have...   Read More