• The Therapist In Your Pocket

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  • No Room, No Board

    Jessica McCormick was a homeless college student. She escaped an abusive home and spent her last two years of high school living in a youth shelter. With the help of scholarships, grants, loans and part-time...   Read More

  • The Money in Mary Jane

    Hooch. Broccoli. Bud. Mary Jane. Santa Semilla. If it is not there already, legalized marijuana is coming to your neighborhood. It won’t be in a nickel bag, but rather packaged as a sparkling cherry tonic,...   Read More

  • Mental Health in Schools

    Leave your gun in its holster. It’s time to reframe the discussion on mental health and school safety that began after the shooting of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Leaders have been...   Read More

  • Unmuzzle Gun Safety Research

    There are approximately 33,000 firearm deaths each year and 33,000 motor vehicle accident deaths. An estimated $2 million is spent annually on federal research for studying gun violence deaths while an estimated $33 million is...   Read More

  • Red Flag Laws Save Lives

    School gunman Nikolas Cruz exhibited plenty of warning signals from aggressive behavior to shooting animals, from posting on social media about plans to be a professional school shooter to chronic disciplinary problems at school.  He...   Read More

  • Achieve More, Stress Less with Meditation

    Juice cleanses, so last year!  High intensity interval training, it hurts!  The magic bullet?  For those wanting to achieve more and stress less, it may be meditation. While just 9.9% of Americans meditate (up from...   Read More