• Brain Teasers

    Drugs targeting amyloid brain plaque accumulation were heralded as the silver bullet cure for Alzheimer’s disease. No more. Clinical trial after clinical trial has failed. The latest flop is aducanumab. After encouraging preclinical results on...   Read More

  • The Money in Mary Jane

    Hooch. Broccoli. Bud. Mary Jane. Santa Semilla. If it is not there already, legalized marijuana is coming to your neighborhood. It won’t be in a nickel bag, but rather packaged as a sparkling cherry tonic,...   Read More

  • How to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

    Americans know they can save money on prescriptions by buying generic drugs. On a recent day in New York City, one could pick up 30 pills of Lipitor for $413 at the local pharmacy or...   Read More